We learn and grow best in circles of friendship. Our desire is to build a genuine community of faith through the foundation of smaller groups. We want to be a church of groups who gather, not just a gathering who groups.

Our Life Groups are where we find belonging, where we grow spiritually and where we live out our faith in real terms.

Each Life Group takes on the personality of the group. They are common interest based and Jesus focussed.

If you would like to connect into a Life Group please speak with our team on a Sunday or email us on 


You are uniquely designed to participate in the purpose of God. We want to partner with you in discovering your gift, enhancing your skill and encouraging you to express who you are in Christ.

Church is often described as a body. A body where each part is important and where each part finds its meaning as being a part of that body. Serving and participation always results in healthier community.

We currently have 3 areas for you to serve: CREATE + HOSPITALITY + GENERATIONS.

If you would like to find out more about participating then please speak to our team on Sunday or email us on