We Need Leaders

We Need Leaders 1920 1080 Bevan Russell

What are the ingredients in being a leader? What is leadership? Bevan speaks about this topic and its importance. Please connect with us by visiting our website www.co-church.org

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40 Days of Purpose: Day 3 Your Life Motivation

40 Days of Purpose: Day 3 Your Life Motivation 150 150 Bevan Russell

Are you using the right fuel? When you think about the motivating factors of your life, what are they?What drives you? What get’s you out of bed in the morning? We all have driving forces, some more than others, where we draw motivation from. Some are healthy, some may be causing more harm than good.…

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Who’s this for?

Who’s this for? 150 150 Bevan Russell

When I think of the type of church that I’d like to belong to and the type of people this church will serve best, I have a very clear view of who that will be. Co- Church is not going to be for everyone and that’s okay. It doesn’t need to be because that’s the…

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The church we’d love

The church we’d love 150 150 Bevan Russell

I remember a conversation with friends, who we greatly admire, about us pioneering a new church. We were talking about the intricacies of such an adventure and how we would see this happen. We seem to be in a time where there is a focus on and perhaps even a trend to “plant” churches which…

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What’s of value?

What’s of value? 150 150 Bevan Russell

So, we’re a family of 4 on a journey of faith, believing to pioneer a new, life giving, church. If I was looking in from the outside I’d have some questions. I’d want to know what their story is? What are they hoping to achieve? What will the church be like? Questions are good. I…

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