40 Days of Purpose: Day 3 Your Life Motivation

40 Days of Purpose: Day 3 Your Life Motivation

40 Days of Purpose: Day 3 Your Life Motivation 150 150 Co- Church

Are you using the right fuel?

When you think about the motivating factors of your life, what are they?What drives you? What get’s you out of bed in the morning? We all have driving forces, some more than others, where we draw motivation from. Some are healthy, some may be causing more harm than good.

“Then I observed all the work and ambition motivated by envy. What a waste!”

Eccl 4:4 MSG

From the Purpose Driven Life we see Rick Warren highlighting 5 common motivational factors:

• Guilt. Life is spent running from regrets and hiding shame. The past is the great manipulator. Our mistakes grab ahold of our present and shape what the future will look like. We’re so entrapped by the past that we wander through life aimlessly. 

• Resentment and anger. We are ruled by hurt. Instead of releasing through forgiveness there is a continuous rehearsing of pain. We hold on and hold on until we either implode or explode. Offence more than not hurts us who carry it more than whose who caused it. 

• Fear. Many live with fear. We never venture further or go deeper because we are fearful. We avoid risks to keep safe. Unfortunately most of life’s great joys are found on the other side of risk. Greatness lies just beyond the horizon of fear.

• Materialism. The desire to acquire and accumulate. We have believed the lie that says if we have more we’ll be happier. Possessions are only temporary.

“Self worth and net worth are not the same. Our value is not determined by our valuables”.

Rick Warren

• Need for approval. The expectations of others controls our life. I’ve heard it said that it may be difficult to pin point exactly all the right ingredients for success but one definite key to failure is to try and please everyone.

What we are pursuing is purpose and we’ve noted already that is starts with God. Ultimately it’s God’s purpose for our life. Nothing matters more. Nothing can compensate for not knowing – not success or wealth, fame or pleasure.

“Without purpose life is motion without meaning.”

Rick Warren

Five great benefits to living a purpose driven life:

• Knowing purpose gives meaning to life. Hope comes from having a purpose. To know you are alive for a reason gives you the ability to navigate what comes your way. 

• Knowing purpose simplifies life. It brings clarity. Using purpose as a foundation for decisions enables you to be precise with where you place your energy. Simplicity, where less is more. 

• Knowing purpose will focus your life. “You become effective by being selective.” Life can get away from us and we can aimlessly wander through it unless we have focus that comes by way of purpose. What matters most? Do that.

• Knowing purpose brings motivation. “Purpose always produces passion.” It’s not over work that tends to drain us, it’s meaningless work. 

• Knowing purpose prepares you for eternity. Living with the sole intent of earthly legacy is short-sighted. A wiser use of time is to build an eternal legacy. We live life in light of eternity. 

There will be 2 pivotal questions to answer before God:

What did you do with my son Jesus? 

What did you do with what I gave you?

The goal of this journey is to best prepare us for these 2 questions.

In Summary:

Remember -a life of purpose brings peace.

Key Bible verse – “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isa 26:3

Prayer – Father, may your purpose bring me peace in the midst of uncertainty.

Keep pursuing purpose.


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