40 Days of Purpose: Day 9 Making God Smile.

40 Days of Purpose: Day 9 Making God Smile.

40 Days of Purpose: Day 9 Making God Smile. 150 150 Co- Church

The smile of God is the goal of your life.

Pastor Rick Warren states this, “Pleasing God is our first purpose”. Im in agreement with this. I want to make God smile. Since this is the case, our most important task is to discover how to do that.

Have you heard of the biblical figure, Noah? He is a life that we can look at as an example of someone who made God smile. At the time of his earthly existence, humanity had strayed from a life pleasing God, to life pleasing self. No longer was God a priority. People had become so ruled by their own pursuit of self-pleasure that it was a time of chaos. Noah was different.

“But Noah was different. God liked what he saw in Noah.”

Gen 6:8 MSG

From the book “The Purpose Driven Life” we take this 5 acts of worship the make God smile:

God smiles when we love him supremely. What God wants most from us is a relationship. A relationship founded on love. His love for us first and our love for him in return. We see in the life of Noah, someone who lived in close relationship with God even when everyone around him didn’t. God longs for time with us. Time to just be.

God smiles when we trust him completely. It’s pleasing to God when we trust him, even when it doesn’t make sense. Noah was asked by God to build a ship in the middle of a dry land. Noah did not know what a flood was nor a ship. Sometimes, God is going to call us to follow him not because it makes sense but because it’s the best way. Trusting God completely means having faith that he knows what’s best for our life.

“The constant happiness and strength and security of faith rests in this realisation: I am in God’s hands and it is good that I am not in my own hands. I have “trust” that God disposes better of myself than I could.”

Karl Barth

God smiles when we obey him wholeheartedly. The mission entrusted to Noah required great attention to detail and rightly so. Noah did everything exactly as God instructed him to do. I’ve heard success being defined as simply doing what God asked you to do.

God smiles when we praise and thank him continually. We all know the good feeling when we receive heartfelt thanks and appreciation. God love it too. Praise can be an offering of sacrifice. Life isn’t always easy and so praising isn’t always easy if what we praise God for is just good circumstances. We praise because we have so much in Jesus. This is constant.

God smiles when we use our abilities. The moment Noah had completed his mission and it was time to step onto dry land, God sent him into life with purpose. God sent Noah to do the things humans are designed to do. Make love, raise family, plant crops, design, create, enjoy. God calls us to be who he made us to be and he takes pleasure when we are.

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast, and when I run, I feel God’s pleasure.

Eric Liddell, Olympic runner and of “Chariots of Fire” fame.

Every act of enjoyment becomes and act of worship when by faith you thank God for it.

Are we going to be people willing to live in such a way that we live to please God?


Remember: God smiles when I trust him.

Key Bible verse: “The Lord is pleased only with those who worship him and trust his love.” Psalm 147:11 CEV

Pray: Father, I trust you. Help me in my doubt.

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